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Neuhaus Valentine Chocolate Ballotin 1/4 lb, 8 pcs

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Send your loved ones the best Belgian chocolate for Valentine's 2020. The 1/4 lb ballotin box contains 8 milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolate pralines and is elegantly wrapped with romantic Valentine paper in a rich red design.

Created over 100 years ago by Neuhaus in 1915, the ballotin is the traditional box for pralines. The Classic assortment ballotin box offers a balanced choice of Belgian chocolates with praliné, ganache and gianduja fillings that will appeal to any chocolate lover. The 1/4 lb box contains 8 scrumptious pralines. Please note that contents may vary from image or list.
  • 1Valentine Ballotin 1/4 lb 8 pcs
What's inside?

  • Satan dark

  • Méphisto milk

  • Napoléonette milk

  • Coeur Praliné milk

  • Sapho milk

  • Prestige milk

  • Please note that individual contents may vary
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