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Neuhaus Tin Easter Egg - 18 Eggs

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This elegant tin Easter egg is filled with a delicious surprise: a collection of colorful Easter eggs in dark, milk and white chocolate. The Neuhaus Easter 2018 collection is inspired by the timeless beauty of speckled spring eggs.

The Belgian chocolate Easter eggs are wrapped in cheerful foil and come in delicious gourmet flavors, such as Dark Biscuit Praliné, Milk Caramel Fleur de Sel, and White Crispy Praliné. The 2018 Neuhaus Tin Easter Egg is a keepsake that is sure to be treasured.

+/- 18 Eggs, 200 gr.
  • 1Tin Easter Egg - 18 Eggs
What's inside?

Contains +/- 18 Eggs, including flavors such as:

  • Mini Egg Dark

  • Mini Egg Dark Gianduja

  • Mini Egg Dark Brésilienne Praliné

  • Mini Egg Dark Biscuit Praliné

  • Mini Egg Dark Almond & Hazelnut Praliné

  • Mini Egg Milk

  • Mini Egg Milk Gianduja

  • Mini Egg Milk Milk Cookies

  • Mini Egg Milk Almond Praliné

  • Mini Egg Milk Caramel Fleur de Sel

  • Mini Egg White

  • Mini Egg White Crispy Praliné

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