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Neuhaus Special Edition Truffles Prestige Box, 16 pcs

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Neuhaus chocolate truffles were declared by Bloomberg Pursuits to be "The Best Chocolate Truffle in the World"! In celebration of this honor, Neuhaus has created three new chocolate truffles in incredible flavors inspired by iconic tastes of Belgium: Speculoos & Cheesecake, Belgian Hops, and Belgian Waffle.

This elegant light blue Prestige gift box contains four each of the new truffle varieties, along with four of our classic melt-in-your-mouth butter truffles, for a total of sixteen heavenly truffles.

Discover the new Neuhaus truffle flavors:

Belgian Waffle: An intense dark chocolate buttercream coated with crunchy Belgian waffle pieces.

Belgian Hops: Rich dark chocolate buttercream flavored with hops (a key ingredient in Belgium beer) from Poperinge in Belgium and coated with caramelized cocoa nibs and nougatine.

Belgian Speculoos & Cheesecake: Speculoos-spiced chocolate buttercream with creamy cheesecake, mango puree, and a hint of cardamom, all coated with Belgian speculoos biscuits.

The ultimate truffle gift for the world's most discerning chocolate connoisseurs!
  • 1Neuhaus Special Edition Truffles Prestige Box, 16 pcs
What's inside?

  • Speculoos & Cheesecake Truffles - 4

  • Belgian Hops Truffles - 4

  • Belgian Waffle Truffles - 4

  • Classic Butter Truffles - 4

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