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Neuhaus Cello Tube - 27 Easter Eggs

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Everyone will enjoy this clear cello tube filled with 27 brightly colored Belgian chocolate Easter eggs in a variety of flavors. For Easter 2018, the chocolate eggs may include such gourmet flavors as White Crispy Praliné, Dark Almond & Hazelnut Praliné, Milk Caramel Fleur de Sel, Dark Wild Strawberries, and more. A delicious Easter chocolate treat to give to friends and family or even yourself!
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What's inside?

Contains approximately 27 chocolate eggs in flavors such as:

  • Mini Egg Dark Brésilienne

  • Mini Egg Milk Cookies

  • Mini Egg Dark Gianduja

  • Mini Egg Dark Milk Gianduja

  • Mini Egg Dark Almond & Hazelnut Praliné

  • Mini Egg Milk Almond Praliné

  • Mini Egg Dark Dark Praliné

  • Mini Egg Milk Caramel Fleur de Sel

  • Mini Egg Dark

  • Mini Egg Milk

  • Mini Egg White

  • Mini Egg White Crispy Praliné

  • Dark Vanilla

  • Dark Wild Strawberries

  • Gianduja Coated with Sugar

  • Gianduja Coated with Sugar Glaze

  • Please note that contents may vary.

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