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Mother's Day Deluxe Gift Basket

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Make Mother's Day 2018 one that your mom will always remember! Spoil her with a deluxe gift basket overflowing with our limited-edition Les Irrésistibles Summer Edition, exquisite Champagne truffles, pralines, Manons, biscuits, and chocolate bars. All imported fresh from Belgium, the chocolates have been hand-packed into a wonderful woven gift basket.

The star of this Mother's Day gift basket is the brand new Les Irrésistibles Summer Edition. For Summer 2018, our Maître Chocolatier has created 3 limited-edition summer varieties of our iconic handcrafted Les Irrésistibles Collection! Belgian chocolate ganache is infused with the refreshing seasonal flavors of pineapple, passion fruit, and yuzu, and coated in milk or dark chocolate.

Neuhaus Champagne truffles are created with a light butter cream flavored with Marc de Champagne. The lightness of the truffle offers a surprising contrast between the intense flavor of dark chocolate and the sweetness of the sugar with which it is dusted. A festive truffle, full of contrasts.

For Mother's Day 2018, our 1/4 lb ballotin is beautifully gift wrapped in a chic floral paper in shades of pink with elegant bronze accents. Inside await an assortment of 8 of our most beloved milk and dark Belgian chocolate pralines.

The Mother's Day indulgences continue with the exclusive 6 piece Manon assortment featuring two each of the heavenly Manon Lait, Manon Noir, and Manon Choco Vanille. The gift basket is rounded out with our delicious Amandagio almond biscuits, and chocolate bars in dark with praliné and milk with cookies.
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What's inside?

  • Les Irrésistibles Summer Edition, 12 pcs

  • Neuhaus Champagne Truffles Prestige Box, 16 pcs

  • Mother's Day Ballotin 1/4 lb, 8 pcs

  • Neuhaus Manons Assortment, 6 pcs

  • Amandagio Biscuits, 42 pcs

  • Bar Dark Chocolate Praliné 1.59 oz

  • Bar Milk Chocolate with Cookies 1.59 oz

  • Small Craft Basket

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