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Liquor Chocolates Assorted Bulk, 160 pcs

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Our exquisite Liquor Chocolates are offered in available in a bulk quantity for wedding favors, event favors, and corporate gifting. The order contains an assortment of approximately 160 pieces in five assorted flavors.

The collection contains five different flavors of liquor chocolates, featuring top shelf liqueurs: Glenfiddich Whisky, Cointreau, Smirnoff Vodka, Pampero Rum, and Remy Martin Cognac. Please note that these chocolates contain alcohol and are for adult consumption only.

Please note that bulk orders are not presented in a gift box. Weight: approximately 4.07 lbs.
  • 1Liquor Pralines Assorted Bulk, +/-160pcs
What's inside?

Reference #5021150

Liquor Pralines Assorted Bulk, +/-160pcs

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, water, butter oil, Glenfiddich whisky (water, barley, alcohol), cointreau extract (ethyl alcohol, sweet and sour orange peel, water), vodka Smirnoff (water, vodka), rum Pampero (rum, water, sugar, colouring: caramel), Remy Martin fine champagne Cognac, skimmed cocoa powder, flavours, emulsifier: soya lecithin.

May contain traces of eggs, gluten, sesame, groundnuts and nuts.

Contains alcohol.

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SKU : NEUA000494