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World's Top Chefs

Inspired by treasured memories.

The “World’s Top Chefs” collection is the result of a collaboration with nine internationally renowned chefs, whom have each created a special chocolate for Neuhaus. Together with the expertise of Neuhaus’ Maître Chocolatier, they have created a unique praline inspired by their own childhood memories.

The result is a unique collection of nine chocolates combining haute cuisine and premium chocolate that will make you discover surprising flavour combinations.

Christophe Adam Christophe Adam

Christophe Adam


A smooth praliné made with Californian almonds, set on a crumble of caramelised coconut nibs from Bali and covered in creamy milk chocolate.

“The power of the chocolate, the softness of the praliné, the freshness of the coconut... The result: an ultra smooth praline, tell me about it!”.
Joost Arijs Joost Arijs

Joost Arijs


Velvety-soft single-origin milk chocolate ganache, made with 44% cocoa from Arriba, together with Belgian speculoos on a Spanish mandarin coulis.

“There is nothing more enjoyable than celebrating Saint Nicholas Day with chocolate, speculoos and mandarins. That is why I chose a praline with these ingredients to take me back to my childhood.”
Oriol Balaguer Oriol Balaguer

Oriol Balaguer


Crispy praliné with popping sugar on a layer of fresh fruit coulis made from yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit, covered in intense dark chocolate.

“The inspiration has been the magical “mascletà” fireworks event held during Valencia’s “Las Fallas” festivities. The result is a hazelnut praliné with popping sugar contrasting with yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit.”
Daniel Boulud & Ghaya Oliveira Daniel Boulud & Ghaya Oliveira

Daniel Boulud & Ghaya Oliveira

United States

Chocolate ganache scented with lemon verbena, on a delicate layer of strawberry fruit jam coated with dark chocolate.

“I was born and raised on a farm, where fragrant springstrawberries and verbena were abundant. We would always steep our strawberries in a light verbena syrup.”
Annie Féolde Annie Féolde

Annie Féolde

Italy & Japan

White chocolate-based creamy ganache, enriched with Italian olive oil and masterfully combined with lemon zest.

“I wanted to honor the region Tuscany that inspired us with its landscape and its extra virgin olive oil. These chocolates make you dream of the hills covered with beautiful olive trees, many of which are centenarians!”
Peter Goossens Peter Goossens

Peter Goossens


Smooth vanilla ganache with Japanese Matcha tea on a fresh gel of tonic, covered in intense dark chocolate.

“The flavor and aroma of fresh lemon have always fascinated me. Lemon gives a fresh, clean feeling, and the combination with green tea and hazelnuts is simply delicious!”
Arabelle Meirlaen Arabelle Meirlaen

Arabelle Meirlaen


Beneath a shell of smooth milk chocolate lies an intense coffee buttercream and rich praliné with Szechuan pepper and crispy “feuilletine” or Breton waffles.

“I have fond memories of frappé iced coffee made with fresh milk straight from my parents’ farm. Crunchy and frothy tastes combined with the delicious taste of Neuhaus chocolate.”
Harald Wolhlfart HaraldWohlfahrt

Harald Wohlfahrt


A ganache of pumpkin and Eastern ginger on a layer of marzipan with 50% almonds from Faro in Portugal and orange zest, covered in soft milk chocolate.

“My grandparents grew pumpkins on their farm. I love remembering the delicious flavor of my grandmother’s preserved pumpkin, which I so enjoyed as a child.”
Pierre Wynants & Lionel Rigolet Pierre Wynants

Pierre Wynants & Lionel Rigolet


Smooth Madagascar vanilla fresh cream on a layer of caramel, with pineapple and exotic black Samba tea, enrobed with intense dark chocolate.

“Reminiscences of the Caribbean and my childhood linger on to this day. So a filled chocolate with fresh cream and slow-simmered pineapple evokes dreams of that exotic getaway.”

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