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Dark Chocolate with Colombian Panela
Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate with Colombian Panela:

An intense dark chocolate heart filled with one half white chocolate ganache infused with the flavorful unrefined Panela sugar from Colombia, espelette pepper, and a hint of lime, and one half silky salted butter caramel.

Milk Chocolate with Madagascan Vanilla
Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate with Madagascan Vanilla:

A milk chocolate-covered heart consisting of one half gianduja, flavored with Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar and crunchy biscuit crumble, and one half vanilla-infused caramel with a hint of salt from Guérande in France.

White Chocolate with Yunnan Tea
White Chocolate

White Chocolate with Yunnan Tea:

A white chocolate heart filled with one part milk chocolate ganache infused with green Yunnan tea from China, and one part bittersweet dark chocolate ganache boldly flavored with luscious raspberry.

Love Letters from Around the World – Just as love has no bounds, Neuhaus’s Maître chocolatiers spanned the globe sourcing precious ingredients for this unique collection. The Love Letter Box contains 15 limited-edition heart-shaped Belgian chocolate pralines in three luscious new flavors. Featuring white chocolate and raspberry with Yunan green tea, dark and white chocolate with unrefined Colombian panela sugar and Espelette pepper, and milk chocolate with Madagascan vanilla and French sea salt caramel. The love letter shaped box opens to reveal a descriptive chocolate roadmap to guide the chocolate tasting journey.

Neuhaus believes that life is punctuated by the simple moments made special when we share them together. This exquisite box is designed to do just that, with each chocolate flavor doubled for a memorable sharing experience. The sides of the hand painted aquarelle watercolor design and heart-shaped cut open outwards for a beautiful unboxing experience. Inside, 24 decadent dark, milk and white Belgian chocolate pralines and an expert tasting booklet guide an unforgettable chocolate sharing experience.

Neuhaus Chocolates Heart-Shaped Boxes

Neuhaus Heart-Shaped Boxes

Neuhaus’s 2019 heart-shaped boxes feature a limited-edition design hand-painted in Belgium in the free-form aquarelle watercolor style in warm reds and pinks to evoke the feeling of love.

Available in five sizes, these iconic gift boxes feature Neuhaus’s most beloved pralines in dark, white and milk chocolate as well as custom assortments of all milk and all dark pralines as well a exclusive assortment featuring the World’s Best Chocolate Truffles.

Neuhaus Chocolates Instagram picture
Neuhaus Chocolates Instagram picture
Neuhaus Chocolates Instagram picture
Neuhaus Chocolates Instagram picture
Neuhaus Chocolates Instagram picture
Neuhaus Chocolates Instagram picture