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Neuhaus Coffee & Pralines Experience Box, 36 pcs & 2 Bags Origin Ground Coffee

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Inspired by the longstanding Belgian tradition when it comes to coffee and chocolate, our Maître Chocolatier has developed the Neuhaus Coffee & Pralines Collection with six contemporary pralines that pair perfectly with coffee.

The pralines are made of single-origin cocoa from Brazil and Colombia: two leading cocoa & coffee destinations which each form a tasting flight, a ritual where you taste three pralines in the right order - from delicate to intense - for the full tasting experience.

The Coffee & Pralines Experience Box contains 36 single-origin chocolates paired with 2 100gr bags of coffee, one from Brazil and one from Colombia, for an exquisite tasting experience.

Brazilian Flight includes:

Terre de Brésil N°1: Hazelnut praliné with Brazilian chocolate (67% cocoa), caramelized hazelnut pieces, smooth gianduja, and lime.

Terre de Brésil N°2: Almond praliné with Brazilian chocolate (67% cocoa), Belgian speculoos, white chocolate, and speculoos spices.

Terre de Brésil N°3: Caramel filling with vanilla from Madagascar, caramelized pecan pieces, gianduja, and Brazilian chocolate (67% cocoa).

Brazilian Coffee: Santa Rosa 100% Arabica Coffee.

Colombian Flight includes:

Terre de Colombie N°1: A Colombian chocolate filling (65% cocoa) with French Espelette pepper, white chocolate, and raspberry.

Terre de Colombie N°2: A coffee ganache filled with Colombian chocolate (65% cocoa), gianduja, and crunchy feuilletine.

Terre de Colombie N°3: A Colombian chocolate filling (65% cocoa) with samba tea, orange pieces, gianduja, and dark Colombian chocolate.

Colombian Coffee: Finca el Para 100% Arabica Coffee.

The luxurious gift box also includes a detailed leaflet explaining the ideal coffee ritual, interesting information about cocoa and coffee bean production, and more.
What's inside?

  • Terre de Brésil N°1 - 6

  • Terre de Brésil N°2 - 6

  • Terre de Brésil N°3 - 6

  • Terre de Colombie N°1 - 6

  • Terre de Colombie N°2 - 6

  • Terre de Colombie N°3 - 6

  • Brazilian Santa Rosa 100% Arabica Coffee, 100 gr bag - 1

  • Colombian Finca el Para 100% Arabica Coffee, 100 gr bag - 1

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