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Neuhaus Christmas All Dark Chocolate Ballotin 1/2 lb, 17 pcs

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For those who know what they like, and what they like is dark chocolate, we present this ballotin filled with our favorite dark chocolate pralines from Belgium. Specially wrapped in a beautiful green Christmas paper with gold glitter accents, it is the perfect Christmas gift for dark chocolate lovers.

The 17 pieces nestled into this Belgian chocolate ballotin will provide a dark-chocolate lover with everything they need for an ultimate gourmet treat this Christmas. Favorites may include:

Art Deco - The strong, 72% cocoa mass dark chocolate in this recipe is beautifully balanced with the California almond praliné and nougat pieces in the filling.

Noix - Dark chocolate filled with hazelnut praliné with hints of gently roasted hazelnuts, almonds and caramelized hazelnut pieces, like a real "brésilienne" for a wonderful mixture of flavours and textures.
  • 1Christmas All Dark Ballotin 1/2 lb 17 pcs
What's inside?

17 pieces including:

  • Jean: The ganache filling in Jean is made from intense dark origin chocolate from Peru. The combination with a dark chocolate shell gives this praline a perfect balance of intense flavors.

  • Figaro: The Figaro praline is a wonderful combination of dark chocolate and a smooth praliné made from hazelnuts from the Black Sea coast region. The hazelnuts are roasted in our chocolate atelier by a Master Roaster and they give the praliné its exquisite and perfectly balanced flavor.

  • Satan: Satan has an intense dark chocolate shell. The praliné filling made of freshly roasted and caramelized hazelnuts is enhanced by crunchy little pieces of hazelnut from the Black Sea coast region.

  • Adelson: The recipe of the Adelson is unique because the praliné filling is made according to the tradition of old style praliné, which means that it is made solely out of roasted hazelnuts and sugar, without any chocolate. The chocolate is used only in the coating and as such, superbly enhances the exquisite flavor of the Turkish hazelnuts.

  • Criollo: This chocolate is named after the Criollo cocoa bean. Out of the three main varieties of cocoa beans - Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario, Criollo is the most delicate. It yields a particularly fine and sophisticated cocoa.

  • Grand Place: The Grand Place praline is a rich, dark chocolate ganache subtly spiced with nigella, a mild Indian spice also known as black cumin, covered in a dark chocolate shell sprinkled with sugar crystals.

  • Albert: The Albert chocolate is filled with a praliné made of hazelnuts from the Black Sea coast region. This chocolate also hides a whole caramelized hazelnut in the center, an exquisite and delicious surprise.

  • Passion: This intense and slightly bitter chocolate ganache is an ode to the flavor and simplicity of dark chocolate.

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