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BonBons for Sharing, 27 pcs

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Brighten up your day with the BonBons collection by Neuhaus! Our Maître Chocolatier has created 5 milk and dark chocolate pralines shaped in small cubes in traditional flavors with contemporary styling.

Each BonBon is individually wrapped in brightly colored foil. Our stylish new modern, colorful gift box offers 27 BonBons, so there is plenty to share with a friend. Enjoy your favorite BonBons any time, any place!

Only ingredients of superior origin and quality are used when creating these delicious treats, offering chocolate lovers those intense, rich sensations characteristic of exceptional chocolate. Discover all 5 tempting flavors:

BonBon Cookies - Milk: A sumptuous old-style Praline enhanced by slivers of Piémont hazelnuts, almonds from the Mediterranean (Spain) and butter cookies from Brittany, all coated in a layer of milk chocolate.

BonBon Crunchy Nuts - Dark: A crispy Praline based on roasted hazelnuts from the Black Sea region and crêpes dentelles (feuilletines), coated with a layer of rich dark chocolate.

BonBon Salted Caramel - Dark: A subtle blend of flavours thanks to a dark chocolate exterior and a velvety Isigny caramel enhanced by a touch of Guérande sea salt.

BonBon Gianduja Nougat - Milk: Sumptuous hazelnut Gianduja strewn with tiny pieces of Montélimar nougat, and coated with a smooth milk chocolate.

BonBon Moelleux - Dark: Velvety dark chocolate Ganache, with cocoa nibs
from Ghana, all coated in a rich dark chocolate.

This product is certified Kosher Dairy under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Holland.
  • 1BonBons for Sharing, 27 pcs
What's inside?

  • BonBon Cookies - Milk - 6

  • BonBon Crunchy Nuts - Dark - 5

  • BonBon Moelleux - Dark - 5

  • BonBon Salted Caramel - Dark - 6

  • BonBon Gianduja Nougat - Milk - 5

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