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Vintage Ballotins

Celebrate the Centenary of the Belgian Chocolate Ballotin with our Vintage Ballotins

When Jean Neuhaus Jr. invented the first praline in 1912 in Brussels, Belgium, he packaged it in a paper cone, just like chips. Unfortunately, this would damage most pralines. Jean Neuhaus' wife, Louise Agostini, then invented a new form of packaging that protected the pralines in 1915. She designed a box in which the chocolate pralines were arranged in various layers besides and on top of each other, divided by paper: the ballotin.

Today the ballotin remains the iconic presentation of Neuhaus luxury Belgian chocolates. Join us in our centenary celebration, and explore our exclusive collection of six beautiful vintage ballotins. Inside each gift box, discover our exquisite Belgian chocolate pralines which are still expertly crafted using the original recipes for an incomparable chocolate experience.

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