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Neuhaus Cheerful Mother's Day Gift Basket

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For everything she does for you, treat your mom to the best Belgian chocolate this Mother's Day! This wonderfully cheerful Mother's Day gift basket is certain to bring a smile to your mother's face. A vibrant collection of luxury pralines, festive BonBons, bars, and Neuhaus chocolate specialties is beautifully presented in a colorful gift basket.

Our beloved 1/2 lb Ballotin is specially wrapped for Mother's Day in a festive striped gift wrap. Inside await 17 delicious pralines in milk, dark, and white chocolate with an irresistible range of fillings.

Brighten up Mom's day with 25 BonBons wrapped in colorful foil. Only ingredients of superior origin and quality are used when creating these delicious treats, offering chocolate lovers those intense, rich sensations characteristic of exceptional chocolate. Flavors include Milk Cookies, Crunchy Nuts, Salted Caramel, and more.

The gift basket also includes our exquisite Manon collection. Nine delicious milk, dark, and white chocolates with buttercream and mousse fillings are enhanced with hints of orange, hazelnut, coffee, and pecans. Mom will also savor every bite of the Neuhaus Orangettes - heavenly candied orange zest coated with intense dark chocolate.

A pair of Neuhaus chocolate bars in milk chocolate caramel and dark chocolate with wild strawberries are the perfect finishing touch to this unforgettable Mother's Day gift basket. Celebrate your mother and grandmothers with this luxurious chocolate gift!
1Neuhaus Cheerful Mother's Day Gift Basket
What's inside?

  • BonBons by Neuhaus, 25 pcs

  • Mother's Day Ballotin 1/2 lb, 17 pcs

  • Speciality Selection Manon Set, 9 pcs

  • Belgian Chocolate Moments: Orangettes, 5.29oz

  • Bar Milk Chocolate Caramel

  • Bar Dark Chocolate Wild Strawberries

  • Yellow/Orange Gift Basket

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