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Neuhaus Best of Brussels Gift Box

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Discover the best flavors of Brussels in our delightful new gift box filled with gourmet Neuhaus Belgian chocolate pralines, BonBons, truffles, and biscuits. With plenty to share, your friends and family will enjoy each bite of the finest ingredients and timeless artistry embodied by Neuhaus Créateur Chocolatier.

At the heart of this exquisite Belgian chocolate gift is our Classic Ballotin, which offers a tempting chocolate assortment with praliné, ganache and gianduja fillings that will appeal to any chocolate lover. The 1 lb box contains 34 pralines.

Brighten up your day with our colorful foil wrapped BonBons by Neuhaus. Our Maître Chocolatier has created 5 milk and dark chocolate pralines shaped in small cubes in traditional flavors with contemporary styling. The flavors include Cookies, Crunchy Nuts, Salted Caramel, Gianduja Nougat, and Moelleux.

Next is our stylish new Belgian Chocolate Moments gift box filled with approximately 17 Roses des Sables. Discover the satisfaction of crisp puffed rice beneath the smoothest of Belgian milk chocolate coatings in our new Roses des Sables. The traditional French confection is elevated to a luxurious pleasure in the hands of the Neuhaus Master Chocolatier. Our Roses des Sables are destined to become an instant favorite.

Everyone will fall in love with our ever-popular butter biscuits, made from a traditional Belgian recipe. The heart shaped Amouretto biscuits combine the delicate flavor of fresh butter with the intense flavor of Belgian dark chocolate and a deliciously crunchy texture. It is the perfect finishing addition to our tour of Brussels!
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What's inside?

  • Ballotin 1 lb, 34 pcs

  • BonBons by Neuhaus, 25 pcs

  • Belgian Chocolate Moments: Roses des Sables, 5.29oz

  • Amouretto Biscuits, 19 pcs

  • Magnetic Gift Box - Medium

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