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Haute Patisserie, 27 pcs

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At the invitation of Neuhaus, nine internationally renowned pastry chefs from around the globe have each created a unique chocolate, guided by their own creative, cultural and gastronomic inspiration. The result is this completely new and unique gift box filled with 27 exquisite chocolates in 9 flavors.

The luxurious round gift box, in pale green and gold, is filled with a sensational assortment of intense flavors merged into finely crafted chocolates. Koji Tsuchiya of Tokyo was inspired by yuzu, Christophe Adam of Paris based his praline on orange and pistachio flavors. Dominique Ansel of New York works from memories of peanut butter and soft toffee. Look at "What's Inside" for more on all 9 flavors.

For a truly elegant presentation, we send it with an illustrative booklet that tells the story of each praline. A truly unique gourmet chocolate gift.

What's inside? / More info

Bernd Siefert, Michelstadt, Germany:
“For this praline, which I have named 'Chinese Girls', I was inspired by the floral aroma of jasmine. Combined with the gentle bitterness of green tea and the spiciness of candied ginger, this surprising blend of flavors is a perfect match with milk chocolate.”

Christophe Adam, Paris, France:
“I like combining orange with pistachio for hints of flower. It brings out the natural tang of the nut. This praline blends smoothness and robustness, a match made in heaven that is travelling around the world.”

Dominique Ansel, New York, United States:
“Inspired by childhood memories, peanut butter ganache reveals its rounded flavor accompanied by a soft toffee covered in milk chocolate. A tip of the hat to America and a fusion of two cultures.”

Joost Arijs, Ghent, Belgium:
“In my patisserie I usually work with chocolate as main ingredient. I love to combine it with fresh notes of fruit and citrus. By working with different textures you can make a dessert interesting.”

Koji Tsuchiya, Tokyo, Japan:
“My inspiration is the wonderful aroma of yuzu, a well-known citrus fruit in Japanese cuisine. To me, this chocolate features a perfect marriage between the bitter intense taste of dark chocolate and the subtle yet refreshing acidity of yuzu.”

Louie Ye, Shanghai, China:
“Asian cuisine often combines sweet and savory flavors. A sprinkle of sea salt in a slightly bitter caramel triggers the taste buds and enhances the intense taste of dark chocolate.”

Martin Chiffers, London, United Kingdom:
“Inspired by berries and flowers from Cornish gardens, my chocolate encases the sweetness of freshly picked raspberries and floral notes of English roses, with a hint of orange and a delicate crunch of shortbread.”

Oriol Balaguer, Barcelona & Madrid, Spain:
“I named this praline 'Masceta'. It is inspired by 'La Fallas', the annual popular celebration in Valencia. The popping sugar represents the crackling fireworks.”

Raphaël Giot, Namur, Belgium:
“The two sweet and sugary delights I cherish most, butter caramel and hazelnut praliné, are blended inside a dark origine chocolate shell and combined with a shortbread crust. A mix of feelings created especially for Neuhaus.”

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