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Fall Ballotin 1/4 lb 8 pcs

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Invented by Neuhaus in 1915, the ballotin is the traditional box for pralines. The 1/4 lb box contains 8 pralines and is wrapped in beautiful fall paper. A wonderful hostess gift, Thanksgiving present, or fall birthday gift.

Neuhaus favorites include:

Sapho - This sweet praline is a wonderful combination of milk chocolate and a smooth Californian almond praliné.The carefully selected and roasted almonds give the praliné its exquisite and perfectly balanced flavour.

Coeur Praliné - This soft Turkish hazelnut praliné in a milk chocolate shell releases the sweet flavours of hazelnut and chocolate. The smooth texture of this praliné filling enhances the soft, sweet character of this praline.

Napoléonette - Delicate milk chocolate with a praliné filling with a hint of fresh coffee. The combination of milk chocolate and coffee is a delectable blend of delicacy and strength.
  • 1Ballotin Fall 1/4 lb 8 pcs
What's inside?

  • Satan dark - 2

  • Méphisto milk - 1

  • Prestige milk - 1

  • Coeur Praliné milk - 1

  • Napoléonette milk - 2

  • Sapho milk - 1

  • Art Nouveau 70% - 1

  • Please note that individual contents may vary.
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